Bosch 300 vs. 500 Dishwasher: Which Bosch Dishwasher to Choose?

How do you tackle two best-selling dishwashers? If your mind is about to explode with information and hesitation, I welcome a fist bump with my past self.

I was in a similar tight spot with Bosch 300 vs. 500 dishwashers. Thank the internet for its millions of databases; I was able to make a sound decision.

Now, what I will do is gather all these bits of details from here and there and place them before you in this brief article. This will allow you to visualize how both Bosch dishwashers are awesome yet distinct in their own way.

Plus, we all need to decide fast where to spend the money without expecting any consequence. By the end of this discussion, you will determine if you are a 300 Series person or a 500 Series person.

Bosch 300 vs. 500 Dishwasher: Which Bosch Dishwasher to Choose?

Bosch 300 vs. 500 Dishwasher

Bosch 300 Series Dishwasher

My favorite thing about this Series is that you can save a few hundred and still obtain a high-end dishwasher unit. It is the best replacement for those using the 100 Series.

With the same quirks and more additional features, the 300 Series is the best within budget. Shall we look at the specified features at a glance?

Key Features

  • Fully integrated 24-inch or 18-inch
  • Includes 3rd rack; height racks are adjustable
  • Foldable tines
  • Offers 16 place setting (24-inch)
  • 44 dB silence rate
  • Incorporates Speed60 cycle
  • InfoLight
  • 24/7 AquaStop to avoid water overflow
  • Rated by Energy Star
  • Certified by NSF Sanitize

Reasons to Like It

The 300 Series models have impressive interior and interface to get things done efficiently. However, the main aspects lie in the quieter operation and affordability.

Plus, one cannot say no to the sturdy stainless steel body! There is also the variable choices of colors, heights, or water softening feature.

Reasons to Reconsider It

The 300 Series units lack the new method of drying feature. Each of them uses the standard condensation technique with the exception of an auto dishwasher door opening.

Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher

The number 500 in the Series is an obvious inclination of a step up from the 300 Series. So, you can expect a few bonuses here. Yes, you will have to overstep $1,000 and spend a little more.

Remember that the seasonal rebates will have an effect on the purchase rate. It will be worth the investment if you wish to modify your kitchen with modern appliances.

Furthermore, the lesser effort you go through, the more to focus on other matters in the household! All the features we have mentioned in the 300 Series by Bosch are also available in the 500 Series models. So, the extra packed-in features are what I will continue with.

Key Features

  • AutoAir pops open the door for further drying
  • ExtraDry allows additional heat boost during the dry cycle
  • EasyGlide racks for smooth in and out movement
  • Adjustable 3rd rack
  • Adjustable basket for silverware

Reasons to Like It

What is not to like? You will be rewarded with the ultra-quiet operation, all the while acquiring various designs to accommodate other appliances in the kitchen.

Moreover, I am in love with the AutoAir function that dries the kitchenware with perfect sanitization. It has made the 500 Series a hit in the market.

Reasons to Reconsider It

The budget difference from 300 Series might not be sky-high if you choose a seasonal sale. Yet, it might not be convenient for small kitchen environments.

Which Bosch Dishwasher to Choose?

Have you got the drumrolls in play? The ideal choice for any renovating kitchen is the 500 Series with its innovative design collection and additional features.

Each model conveys effortless functions that diminish stress over various dishwasher concerns. I admit that most of these aspects already come in the 300 Series.

As the Bosch 300 Series dishwasher owner, I love its visual appearance, overall performance, and average flexibility. However, those extra tech options, especially AutoAir, got me to reconsider my decision.

It is not too late for you yet. Therefore, opt for the futuristic dishwasher that reduces pressure instead of targetting the same old traits with a different exterior.

In case you are not convinced yet, shall we examine the additional features of the 500 Series further?


We already know that the larger the dishwasher is, the better the storage capacity. Sometimes it does not work that way. Maybe you have plenty to cook in the house, which leads to mounds of dirty dishes.

Now you might have to load them in batches. Thankfully, 500 Series will save you from all those hassles. There is a flexible top rack and silverware basket to fit utensils that require more space.

The silverware basket is one of my favorites due to the easy transformation at the bottom right side or back-to-back style.

Storage Winner: Tie

Check Price: Bosch SHEM63W55N in 300 Series →
Check Price: Bosch SHPM65Z55N in 500 Series →


This is the crucial feature that determines whether to get the dishwasher or not. Of course, let me set aside the digital technology inclusion for a moment here.

How many pots, pans, or plates can a dishwasher accommodate? Will they be cramped in there? How well do the racks perform when pulling them out to take out the kitchenware?

You see, EasyGlide in 500 Series makes all these doubts disappear in a puff of smoke. The quality at which the racks glide out is super smooth, even to my judgmental eyes.

Besides, you can adjust the dishes better when the racks are this flexible to glide without any noise. The top rack is no different either.

Racks Winner: Bosch 500

Check Price: Bosch SHPM65Z55N in 500 Series →


What I perceive as the best dishwasher for a busy kitchen environment is the capability to clean pots, pans, utensils, etc., without germs.

Bosch former units always offered a condensation drying technique – similar to the moisture forming in the mirror after you shower with hot water. This method requires additional wiping after the last cycle before shelving the items.

The 500 Series introduces AutoAir to eliminate that lengthy process. It is like why you should have to go through all the trouble when the machine can do it with a slight auto ajar door system?

Hence, this drying performance turns out to be more effective as it releases moisture clinging to the items.

AutoAir Winner: Bosch 500

Check Price: Bosch SHPM65Z55N in 500 Series →

Final Words

I will not sugarcoat the fact that both Bosch series dishwashers will cost more than other standard brands. However, if you set aside the brand’s popularity for a second and focus on the features and durability, they are worth the investment.

The question is, which Bosch dishwasher from 300 and 500 is mighty enough to place your bet on?

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