Clean Dishes, Healthy Life, and More Free Time So You Can Focus on More Important Tasks​

I am Amr Ehab, an established researcher in the medical field, I have more than 50 publications on different health-related topics and I have participated in multiple studies regarding the relationship between living in a clean environment and having a healthy life>

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What I Do​

I have dedicated all my time to finding the real impact of dishwashers on our health, especially babies and the elderly as they have the most fragile bodies.

I Coach.

On my personal YouTube channel, you can find many videos teaching you some valuable tips and tricks to use your research skills to make money online, I have collected these experiences through the years and I offer it to you for free so you can continue the journey.

I Write.

In this blog, I document all my findings after thoroughly researching and testing different dishwashers and I give my honest review regarding each dishwasher and which one is the best for your needs.

Need Advice?​

Never hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or feedback regarding anything I wrote, I believe feedback is an essential element for development.

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My Story

My curiosity about the impact of a clean environment on the health of our bodies rose when I bought my first dishwasher, it saves time indeed, but is it the optimal solution from a health prespective? That question was stuck in my mind and I kept digging deeper about this topic and reading research papers regarding this area.