Best commercial dishwasher for restaurant

Why would you be searching for best commercial dishwasher for restaurant? Commercial dishwashers are used in commercial kitchens to cutlery, clean dishes, plates, cooking equipment, and glasses, these devices, sometimes referred to as industrial dishwashers, assist you in cleaning dishes while saving money.

Models, sizes, designs, features, and specs come in a variety. Most of the top commercial dishwashers have built-in dispensers for detergent and rinse aid, and they wash and rinse dishes precisely and rapidly. When buying a commercial dishwasher, you must choose wisely, since quality is one of the primary factors that ensure trouble-free operation.

There are many commercial dishwasher brands and models to select from. Let us help you choose the best one for you.


Best commercial dishwasher for restaurant

Commercial dishwasher for home use: Fagor CO-402W Dishwashing

In our testing, the Fagor CO-402W Dishwashing is best commercial dishwasher for restaurant it’s performed well in terms of cleaning, rinsing, and drying, however, it had trouble getting rid of crusted oatmeal and lipstick stains. Although the upper and lower racks were missing folding tines, the top rack is adjustable and does include cup shelves.

Not many dishwasher baskets are as accommodating, so we appreciated that the flatware basket’s slots were spacious enough to accommodate our large cutlery. With a noise level of 55dBA, this dishwasher was the loudest one we tested and had a capacity rating that was just below average. The dispensers and the control panel are both very simple to operate and straightforward.


  • Built using stainless steel
  • Able can manage twenty two racks per hour
  • Operating quietly
  • Small size fits in confined places


  • After the cycle, some leftover water trickled from the spray arm.
  • Not as quiet as other tested models
  • The baskets lack folding tines.
  • Energy-intensive compared to other models
  • Front panel not resistant to fingerprints

Best commercial conveyor dishwasher: Jet-Tech Systems F-18DP Dishwasher

This dishwasher can quickly and efficiently clean numerous dirty dishes. It is best commercial dishwasher for restaurant, and it contains a built-in booster for rinsing to speed up the process and digital temperature monitors. If you run a tiny kitchen, this dishwasher will be useful. For eateries, caterers, and other companies that require speedy and effective dishwashing, the Jet-Tech Systems F-18DP is the ideal and best commercial dishwasher for the restaurant. 

This dishwasher is ideal for washing extremely filthy dishes since it can wash 18 plates at once and can reach temperatures of 204 degrees Fahrenheit. A sturdy stainless-steel design makes the Jet-Tech Systems F-18DP High-Temperature Dishwasher simple to clean and corrosion-resistant. To speed up the cleaning process, this dishwasher also has an automated dispenser for detergent and rinse aid.


  • Can do 24 typical dish racks per hour
  • Automatic drain pump
  • Heater using electricity


  • Slightly costly

Hobart commercial dishwasher LXEH

With this best commercial dishwasher for restaurant Hobart commercial dishwasher LXEH, keep up with the demanding demands of your kitchen! To conserve water and money, this effective dishwasher can handle up to 32 racks each hour while only consuming 0.74 gallons of water per rack. To get rid of difficult residue, the electric booster heater raises temperatures to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, this unit’s 17″ door opening allows it to accommodate larger goods like sheet pans while still saving room in your kitchen. It also accommodates glassware.


  • Cleans 32 racks at a time.
  • Built-in booster heater
  • Certified by Energy Star


  • There are no defects reported to date

Small commercial dishwasher: RCA RDW3208 Dishwasher

The RCA RDW3208 Dishwasher is ideal for tiny flats, and the best commercial dishwasher for restaurant, dorm dorms, or workplace break rooms since it can handle up to 6 place settings. Since this dishwasher is movable, moving it from one place to another is simple. Simply plug in the RCA RDW3208 Countertop Dishwasher and push the start button for a hassle-free appliance! Your dishes might be spotless in as little as 30 minutes thanks to its quick-wash cycle. You may schedule the dishwasher to run at a time that is most convenient for you by using its delay start feature.


  • Takes half as long to wash the dishes
  • Has a portable design that allows for easy movement between rooms.
  • Has a tiny footprint and may be fitted in tight locations.
  • Has a dish rack, making it simple to load and unload dishes
  • Has a kid safety lock, so you can protect your family


  • There is no warm dry cycle in the dishwasher
  • The space is inadequate for large families

Best high temp commercial dishwasher: Commercial dishwashers under-counter

The NSF-certified commercial dishwashers under-counter satisfy the exacting sanitizing requirements of commercial kitchens. Dishes are cleaned and sanitized by its strong yet energy-efficient engine for a fraction of the expense of manual work. The dishwasher is the best commercial dishwasher for restaurants like busy restaurants or cafes since it can accommodate up to 12 racks of dishes, like the finest Viking dishwasher. Strong, heavy-duty stainless steel was used in its construction. Dishes are always clean and sterilized thanks to the dishwasher’s automated detergent and rinse aid dispenser.


  • 40% less water than standard dishwashers are used
  • 70% less energy than standard dishwashers are used
  • 50% less detergent is used compared with traditional dishwashers
  • Kills 99% of germs with a sanitizing cycle
  • May be mounted behind a countertop


  • More pricey than standard dishwashers
  • Require more upkeep than standard dishwashers


Are commercial dishwashers better?

The best commercial dishwasher for restaurant cleans more effectively than sinks ever could, in less time, with less effort, labor, water, and possible risks.

What is a commercial grade dishwasher?

It is a device created to wash and sanitize dishes, pots, pans, glasses, cups, bowls, and utensils by using detergent sprays, blasting media grains, or none, and a sanitizing rinse.

How fast do commercial dishwashers work?

Commercial dishwasher wash cycles often last between one and two minutes, which is quite quick.


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