Can Baby Bottles Go In The Dishwasher? Y/N

Did you ask about can baby bottles go in the dishwasher and did not find a clear answer? Here is all the information you need to perform it correctly. Washing baby bottles by hand may be a bother, especially if you are exclusively feeding your baby formula because there is so much to clean. Because of this, a lot of parents are unsure if they may wash baby bottles in the dishwasher. Why not wash infant bottles in the dishwasher, one of those home appliances that make life so much easier?


Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher?

Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? Yes, you can wash baby bottles in the dishwasher, including those made of plastic and silicone. In actuality, the dishwasher is the greatest method for cleaning infant bottles if used properly. 

More bacteria that may be hiding in the baby bottles will be killed by the dishwasher’s steam and high heat. You’re okay to go as long as your baby bottles are dishwasher-safe.

To keep your baby bottles spotless with the least amount of work, read this blog post to learn everything you need to know about cleaning them in the dishwasher.

How to sterilize baby bottles

No extra tools are needed for this. A pot and boiling water are all you need to sanitize infant bottles. And don’t worry, employing this technique to sterilize plastic bottles is OK.

  • Obtain enough clean water to cover the bottles in a big pot.
  • Make sure there are no air bubbles at the bottom of the water when you submerge the recently washed bottles upside down.
  • Water is brought to boil.
  • For variations, verify the manufacturer’s instructions before boiling the bottles for five minutes.
  • Use tongs to remove the bottles after turning off the heat.
  • Let them air dry as you place them on a dry and clean dishcloth.

Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? Yes/ No

Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? The good news is that sterilizing the bottles in your dishwasher’s highest water setting and heated drying cycle is successful!

  • Sort out each bottle component.
  • Rinse the bottles and parts with fresh water to get rid of any remaining milk specks.
  • To prevent small components from dropping to the bottom of the dishwasher, place all small pieces, such as rings, valves, and nipples, in a dishwasher-safe basket.
  • Run the bottles through a hot-water cycle and heated drying cycle whenever feasible, or use the sanitizing mode.
  • Take the bottles and pieces out of the dishwasher and lay them on a clean dishcloth to air dry or put them on baby bottle dishwasher basket.

Baby bottles and other dishes in the dishwasher

Because babies eat so frequently, handwashing becomes very taxing. Particularly when you have a child between the ages of 9 and 20 months, they begin to get dirty. You need to know Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher to save time and money. But the question here is washing baby bottles in a dishwasher with other dishes?

Therefore, if your dishwasher has enough space for all the products and is free of germs or viruses, you may clean baby bottles in it. Due to their disease susceptibility, young children might become quite sick from even minor exposure to bacteria/viruses.

As long as the baby bottles are sturdy enough to endure being thrown about with other objects without breaking, washing them in the dishwasher among other dishes shouldn’t present any problems.

Most essential, run a hot water cycle through your dishwasher to make sure the bottles are sanitized and germ-free. To avoid any undesirable residue that might damage the finish of the bottle or cause it to discolor, it is also advisable to run a dishwasher with safe soap or detergent through the bottles.

To properly complete this, make sure that; there are no dangerous plastics in the other dishes you wash together.

Baby bottles are resistant to hot water’s temperature.

Runs hot water in the dishwasher.

Are Avent baby bottles dishwasher safe?

Avent bottles is dishwasher-safe. Put any little components of the product on the top rack of the dishwasher if it has any.

Regarding your children, you can never be too vigilant. You may sterilize some of your Philips Avent items for this reason.  The Philips Avent sterilizer is used.

The item can be disinfected using a Philips Avent electric steam sterilizer, microwave, or by boiling it in water for no more than five minutes. Use a microwave or an electric steam sterilizer from Philips Avent, as per their recommendation.

After running the dishwasher, do you need to sanitize baby bottles?

It should be noted that a separate sanitizing step is not required if you clean newborn feeding equipment in a dishwasher equipped with hot water, a heated drying cycle, or a sanitizing mode.

Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? Yes plus sanitize feeding equipment at least once every day to further reduce germs. When your infant is under two months old, was born early, or has a compromised immune system, sanitation is very crucial. If feeding utensils are thoroughly cleaned after each use, older, healthier babies may not require daily sanitization.


Make careful to clean feeding equipment, bottle brushes, and wash basins using one of the aforementioned techniques before sanitizing. Utilize one of the methods below to sanitize everything, including the bottle brush and wash basin.  

Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? Dr brown baby bottles dishwasher safe

Wash all the components in hot water with detergent for general cleaning. Dr brown bottles are suitable for hand washed, the top rack of the dishwasher, the microwave, and electric sterilizers. 

Use the little brush that comes with the bottles to manually clean all of the holes in the insert and reservoir. The Dr. Brown’sTM Bottle Brush has chevron grooves at the base for washing the breast pump parts in addition to a sponge and bristles for thoroughly cleaning the bottles.

Is Finish dishwasher detergent safe for baby bottles?

Here are some reasons to use a specialized detergent and some health hazards they may help you avoid before we discuss Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher? Or Is Finish dishwasher detergent safe for baby bottles?

Baby bottles may be cleaned with regular dishwashing detergent as long as it doesn’t include bleach or any other harsh chemicals.

Babies can be harmed by bleach since it is a strong chemical.

Some varieties of common detergent are mild enough to be used on infants. Additionally, you may use any mild dish bottle soap, such as Dawn dish soap, which is devoid of harsh chemicals and perfumes.

They might not, however, be the best at cleaning your bottles.

Breast milk often leaves a film of greasy fat in the bottle that is difficult to remove.

The milk proteins in baby bottles can be difficult to remove with standard detergent brands or regular dish washes, but baby bottle detergents and soaps are particularly made to break down milk proteins.

Other cleansers could leave this milk film or residue behind, giving the bottle a murky appearance.

Detergents for baby bottles may also include substances that work to stop mineral deposits from accumulating overtime on the bottles.

Additionally, they were created with the immune system and delicate skin of infants in mind.

Lastly, I will respond to your query. Finish dishwashing detergents don’t include bleach, but you should read the label before you buy because they could contain scent allergies.

And if your infant exhibits any negative responses, cease using it and think about another option.

Is dishwasher detergent safe for baby bottles?

In fact, the response is both yes and no. Baby bottles may be cleaned with regular dishwashing detergent as long as it doesn’t include chlorine or fabric softener. Both fabric softener and bleach can leave residue on the bottles that might irritate your baby’s skin.

FAQ | Can baby bottles go in the dishwasher?

Are infant bottles safe to be washed in the dishwasher?

Yes, our baby bottles can be put in the dishwasher.

When can baby bottles go in dishwasher?

Once your child is 6 months old or older, but make sure they are dishwasher-safe by checking the label.

Is dishwasher or hand washing infant bottles better?

In actuality, cleaning your hand wash baby bottles could be more effective. 

Can I put Tommee Tippee bottles in dishwasher?

Yes, the dishwasher can clean all of the Tommee Tippee bottles and teats.

Do you need to dry bottles after Sterilising?

The equipment doesn’t need to be dried.

What happens if I don’t sterilize baby bottles?

Unsanitized baby bottles are a breeding ground for illnesses.

Do you really need to sterilize baby bottles?

When you first get bottles, you should sterilize them at least once.

Is it necessary to properly dry baby bottles before using them?

Yes, infant bottles must be totally dry before feeding time. 

When sterile bottles are removed from the sterilizer, how long do they remain sterile?

After 24 hours bottles stay sterile once removed from the sterilizer.

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